Zenga TV launches live TV for computers

Zenga TV has announced a web version of Live TV for computers which will host a variety of Live and Video on Demand (Vod) content. VoD allows users to watch movies, serials, news via streaming over the Internet and Zenga has got a few live channels for streaming as well.

The web version will allow users to get access to various channels pertaining to entertainment, news, regional languages and movies. All of this will be available for free. Zengatv.com will be available for low bandwidth users as well and the company has assured that it will run at a speed designed for India. To experience the WEB TV service, users need to click here.

Also, here’s our initial impression of the VoD and Live TV service. Two channels are currently available in the live section, Sahara One and UTV Bindaas. But, surely they’re planning to get more channels on to the web version. A range of movies have been added in the VoD section. We clicked on one of the movies and after an initial buffering, the player came up with a ‘Video not found or access denied’ error. Hopefully, that’s just a glitch. Another, important thing for streaming is bandwidth issues and the low bandwidth one worked pretty well without lagging. However, we’re running a pretty quick Internet connection and if any of you’ll have tried the web TV or VoD service, let us know your feedback in the comments section below.