Play Snake & Tetris on Youtube & utorrent

Tetris game on uTorrent? How about snake game on YouTube? Sounds weird but it’s true! I’m sure most of you are already familiar with these tricks but for the benefit of our other friends who don’t know it, let me show you how simple it is to unlock these hidden games.

How to unlock the hidden Tetris/Brick game on uTorrent:

* You must have uTorrent installed on your PC to follow these steps.

1. Launch uTorrent. Go to Help and click “About uTorrent”.

utorrent tetris

2. Press the letter “T” on your keyboard. Voila! You have now unlocked the Tetris game.


 Next, how to play the Snake game on YouTube:

1. Open your browser and play any video on 2. Make sure the player has focus (try pausing and resuming the video), hold the left key for about 2 seconds and press the up key, while still holding the left key.

Voila! You can now play snake while watching the video.

Youtube Snake Game

*Just pressing Up key on your keyboard probably also works when in focus.