Aakash tablet goes on sale online for Rs. 2,500

Head over to aakashtablet.com! India’s debutant, low-cost tablet, Aakash has gone up for sale online (only!) for a price of Rs.2,500. The Aakash tablet will be delivered in a week’s time from the date of placing the order, and customers can pay the cash on delivery. The commercial version of the tablet, Ubislate, however can be preordered online for a price of Rs.2,999. Only UbiSlate 7 will be available by late January, next year. Makers, Datawind have put up as many as 30,000 units of the Aakash tablet for sale online, over a week’s period.

The Aakash tablet runs on Android 2.2 and boast of the following specifications:

7-inch, resistive touchscreen

  • Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports
  • Processor: 366MHz + HD video co-processor
  • Flash memory: 2GB + 2GB microSD (expandable to 32GB),
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Battery: 2100 mAh
  • Battery life: 3 hours


Tried ordering for the Aakash tablet, today? We did and soon after received an e-mail stating the price of the tablet, which much to our surprise was slated as Rs.2,999 and not Rs.2,500 (Aakash tablet). Simply put, it was the UbiSlate 7 that we were being offered and not the Aakash tablet. Most importantly, and like we’ve been pointing out in our reports, the Aakash tablet is not commercially available for purchase by single individuals.

The very aim of the Aakash tablet is to make quality education and technology accessible to the masses who cannot afford it. So, if you’re a single buyer, you may well have to wait for the commercial version of the tablet i.e. the UbiSlate 7, which, if you’ve pr-ordered already, should reach you sometime late next month.