Some new features for Google Maps

Google recently unveiled a huge makeover to its Google Maps. Currently available in beta mode, it lets you discover changes in its interface and improved accessibilities. However, the search results in this version remain more or less the same as in the earlier version. You’ll find some changes in the form of search inputs and queries. Unlike the older version of Google Maps, it has a bunch of new and improved functionalities such as advanced filters for search queries.

Search on the Google Maps

Let’s say you’re looking for coffee shops near Delhi’s Qutub Minar, you can use the term “near” in your search query. Therefore, the most appropriate search query would be “coffee near Qutub Minar”. In the results you’ll be shown all the coffee shops located around this area. You can do the same for other similar search queries.

Instantly share URLs

Whenever you want to share the URL of a particular map, all you have to do is click a button called “link” on the older version of Google Maps. The new Google Maps will allow you to always have a permalink of any place you search for. Whenever you search for any location, you’ll find its URL present inside the address bar, ready to be retrieved and shared instantly with you others.


Get offline Google Maps

If there are particular locations on Google Maps that you’re fond of, you don’t need to be online and connected to access them each time. You can simply make them appear offline for later use. While you’re online, go to the Google Maps application on your phone and open the map. In the search box, you’ll find search suggestions for recently accessed places. Select “Make this map area available offline” and you are done. You can also use menu button and select this option, a square box will pop up and highlight the area of map you want to download.

Note: This feature is currently available only on Android Devices.

Access Street View

Similar to Google Maps on desktop, there’s no longer an option on mobile devices to access Street View as soon as search results show up. If you want Street View of a particular location on Google Maps, simply press and hold on the map to drop a pin. This will render an info sheet, which lets you access the Street View option.


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